What Are The Best Biohacking Products 2022?

This list covers health gadgets like wearables to track exercise, heart rate, sleep and even brainwaves. We’ll talk about supplements to increase focus, mood, memory, and motivation. There are ai fitness trainers and boutique longevity centers focused on preventative medicine, peptides and hormone enhancement. Saunas, cryo chambers and stem cells! There’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health, increase your sex drive, or just look and feel younger, when you finish this list you might be left wondering what ISN’T biohacking! 

The Top Ten Best Biohacks 2022: 

  • Sens.ai
  • Hydrogen water
  • NMN
  • Next Health clinic
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Tonal
  • NAD IV
  • Oxygen Chamber
  • Eight Sleep Mattress
  • Thesis Nootropics

Best Biohacks For The Brain

1. Sens.Ai


Sens.ai is a neurofeedback brain training headset that senses your brain and heart signals while the app translates them into audio visual cues allowing your brain’s innate neuroplasticity to quickly learn how to reproduce healthy brain states such as creativity, calm or clarity on command. 


  • Boost feature enables quick changes to dial in desired brain state
  • High accuracy heart rate sensor for heart rate variability training.
  • Extensive data for tracking improvements.
  • Can double as regular headphones.
  • Gamma-Grade sensors are able to read even the fastest brain waves.
  • High fidelity electrodes work through hair.
  • Much cheaper than going to a clinic


$1,195 And $20/Month

$1,195 is pretty amazing considering how expensive this type of biohack is in the clinic. Each user’s Sens.ai account must be unique but accounts are compatible with any headset. Memberships cost $20 per month and provide unlimited access to all of the programs. Each ~20-minute Program Session can be enjoyed a-la-carte or as part of a Mission.There are 16 Missions, each providing you guided progression over 4-8 weeks. Missions are challenges that transform.

My Take

Anyone who has a brain could benefit from this biohacking product. You may wonder at times about your significant other’s possession of grey matter, and buying them this health gadget just might be a gift for both of you. However, unless someone has specifically asked for it, I suggest not buying this as a gift. You don’t want to come across like ‘here dumb dumb, get smarter so you’re less annoying.’ 

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