Tesla Sentry mode gets facial recognition upgrade

You buy a Tesla to go green of course. You buy a Tesla to impress the ladies. You buy a Tesla because deep down you fancy yourself a secret agent and when you get behind the wheel you feel like James Bond. Well that fantasy just got a little closer to reality because Truman Kane from security firm to Tevora just a demonstrated a DIY modification that turns your Tesla into a mobile surveillance unit complete with license plate and facial recognition. But if you’re not a spy… it’s just kind of weird. 

So you’re probably already familiar with Tesla’s century mode which is basically you stick a USB into your car and it records from all the cameras around your car. It’s been very helpful catching vandals but Truman Kane’s system takes it to the next level.

In this video Emmett talks about

  • The features
  • Who would want it?
  • Cost?
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Future Implications

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